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Go for a beer.....one guest...one talk on RegioTV

TV recording from the Landhotel Wental i.a. with our guests

Theo Weigel,

Coach of VFR Aalen Stefan Ruthenbeck,

minister of integration Bilka Öney

Broadcasting on Thursday, 7:30 pm


Quality and sustainability..... 

.... are a big part of our philosophy in the kitchen. That's the reason, why we only work together with local producers and suppliers we know personally and we value.

One of our suppliers:






The professional chefs in the Landhotel Wental

Because of the tv-shooting in Marineheim Heidenheim we had the chance to make a welcome to the professional chefs on RTL II as overnight guests.

Besides breakfast and dinner we supplyed them catering for lunch at the filming spot in Heidenheim.

Andi Scheiger, Nils Egtermeyer and Ole Plogstedt have been present.


From now on we are searching friendly, dedicated and flexible relief waiters in the service.