~ Free space for relaxation and recreation ~

Relax your entire body. Expire applications that not only loose tensions but give a give the sense of well-being. Start your daily routine with new power.

We offer you amongst others:

Classical back und full body massage
Relieves muscular tension, activates blood flow and encourages your metabolism

Foot reflexology
Affects body, spirit and soul. Recommended for overstressing and strain and e.g. rheumatic complainings

Manual lymphatic drainage
Encourages the production of lymph fluid to purge and drain tissue.
Part lymphatic drainage
Full body lymphatic drainage

Ayurvedic massage
Traditional specialty oil massage all-round and profound effect. Abhyanga (head, face and body massage), Padabhyanga (foot massage), Garshan silk glove massage (dry massage)

Breuß massage
Very sensitive energetic manual back massage with quality amber oil

Cranio Sakrale alignment
High sensitive energy work with profound effect to body, spirit and soul. The Cranio-Sakrale-System is a pulsar system of brain and cerebrospinal fluid

Honey massage
It helps you to rid of your body poison on a natural way

Migraine package for stressed and headache plagued people
Relaxation tissue by soft lymph handles and well dosed head and kneck massage, foot reflexology

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